Want to start earning money online through a WordPress blog then stay with us. Today we are going to teach you how you can set up a Wordpress blog with Cloudways hosting. and how to start earning money online. also will tell you how you can get a discount on Cloudways using Cloudways promo code.

Everybody wants to earn money but no one likes to do 14 hours heavy job. It was a problem back then but now people can easily work from their home and earn a lot of money. They become free to work on their own time and days.

They don’t have to follow boss orders and have a deadline to complete. Now it is possible to work and earn money online through freelancing, selling products online and blogging.

Blogging is the most popular way of earning money because everyone spends most of the time searching for information. So it creates a huge market of information seekers who want information and entertainments.

You can start your blog and provide some values for that people will come to your blog. once your blog will start getting huge traffic then it becomes very easy to make money online.

how to start a wp blog

But first, you need to set up a blog and have content. So that people will come to your blog.

How To Setup A WordPress Blog

Creating a blog has become very simple in today’s time. Back then people used to have the good programming knowledge to code and make a website. the only coder who knows to build a website was having a website back then.

But, now anyone can create their website or blog in 10 minutes. No programming or technical knowledge is required to start the blog. all things have become so simple that even a school kid can have their blog. 

Web Hosting

To set up a WordPress blog you need the best web hosting. if you don’t have time to explore and find the best then use Cloudways hosting. let me give a quick overview of Cloudways hosting and its features.

Cloudways Overview

Cloudways is managed cloud hosting. it is one of the best cloud hostings that offers cloud service from top 5 cloud companies. These companies are Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, AWS, Linode and Vultr.

However, you don’t have to interact with all these companies. You only have to choose the cloud and Cloudways will handle the rest. So you don’t have put your head in the technical stuff.

You will only have to manage your blog and the server will be handled by Cloudways itself.  A CDN system comes pre-installed with the server and takes no time to implement on the blog. after implementing you can feel the speed of the blog. and people from all over the world can access your blog instantly.

Cloudways Hosting Key Features

  • Free site migration
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free CloudwaysCDN
  • Free WordPress cache plugin
  • Easy WordPress install
  • Automatic backups
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • SSD storage space
  • 1TB bandwidth(in basic plan and increases in higher plans)
  • Dedicated firewalls
  • PHP 7X ready
  • Simple control panel

There are more features that you can see on their official website. for the new blogs, the basic plan of Cloudways is sufficient. When the blogs data need will be increased then upgrading the plans are very simple.

Setup WordPress Blog On Cloudways Hosting

Once the web hosting is purchased then the only things are to connect it with a custom domain name. you can get a domain name from any domain registrar websites. After purchasing the domain name then connect it with Cloudways server using nameserver set.  

Here, I am only providing a brief about setting up a blog. you can learn from any website with a complete tutorial.

After connecting and activating the domain address. Then the next step is to install WordPress. for that, you don’t have to panic. Just click on the WordPress installer button, then it will start installing on the server.

Once, WordPress is installed then choose a basic theme and start your blog. boom! You have created your first website within 10 minutes.

Now, we saw how to set up a WordPress blog, the next thing we have to learn is how we can generate income from a blog.

How To Earn Money Online From A Blog

There are various ways to earn money online on the internet. You can provide some freelancing service for a few dollars or can sell products online. Also, you can earn huge commissions for promoting companies product and services. Like amazon product or any services.

The most popular way of earning money on blogs is through advertisements. Companies like Google have their advertisements company that you can join and then can display advertisements on your blog.

By showing the advertisements you can start generating good money. But the main things to understand is that you need a good amount of traffic on your blog. if no traffic will generate on your website then how you will going to earn money.

So, the job is not finished by just creating a website. you will have to put efforts to rank it and generate a good amount of traffic on your blog. so people can interact with the advertisements and you will get money.

You can also become an affiliate and start promoting their product on your blog. when anyone will buy the product from your affiliate link from the blog. then you will earn a commission on the product. So there are many ways you can earn money through blogs. Most popular are advertisements and affiliate marketing.

Final Thought

Earning money online is very simple. Once you will build a successful website that gets good traffic then you can easily generate huge income. However, don’t use cheap hosting otherwise you will never be able to build a successful website. use Cloudways hosting as it is the most reliable and trustable web hosting in the industry.

You can easily get Cloudways hosting plans in huge discount with the use of Cloudways promo code.

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