Today we are going to see a complete review of the FastComet Hosting and will know how we can get a 70% FastComet discount on a shared hosting plan. So let’s begin!

Creating a blog or website has become super simple but there is one thing which is the most difficult part. That is choosing a web hosting for your website or blog. Now some of you may be wondering why it is the most difficult part?

FastComet Hosting Review

It is difficult because there are hundreds of hosting out there and you don’t have any idea about the performance of the hosting and their services. So instead of using unknown web hosting and later regret it, it is better to follow the expert’s footsteps. So let’s start with the review.

FastComet Hosting Review

FastComet is one of the coolest and fastest web hostings I have ever used that lets you get up to 70% discount when the FastComet Coupon is activated during the checkout. You can find it out here and it is used while subscribing to any of their hosting plans. The hosting is fully budget-friendly and doesn’t make you pay heavy prices every month. The price of the plan is so much affordable that you don’t even feel like paying.

It is the most suitable hosting for beginners and students as well as big business websites. They have different plan and pricing so that users can select the plan which will be best for them.

They don’t have to pay for any extra services which they don’t need. This enables the user to spend less money every month and enjoy the power of FastComet hosting. There is nothing like if you choose a plan then you will have to stick with it. If you feel the need for more power and resources then you can upgrade the plan in 1 click. So there are no worries about the scalability.

FastComet have some much things to offer to their users for absolutely free. With any hosting plan, free services are available and it varies from plan to plan. So in some plan, you can see unlimited bandwidth and storage but in some plan, there is a limit. So it entirely depends on the plan and pricing.

Now, we have got a clear idea about the FastComet hosting and now it is time to get more knowledge about their plans and offerings. So today we are only going to see the shared hosting plan. You can check out other hosting plans on their official website.

Before moving on to the features of FastComet. I feel the need to explain that what is shared hosting and what differences are there with another hosting? So let’s see it quickly.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is when you will be sharing a single server with other users. This means all the resources will be shared between different users. That is why shared hostings are a bit cheap than other plans. It is a great plan for beginners and who doesn’t seek for heavy power servers. You can upgrade to higher plans anytime you want the need. So don’t worry about the plan.

When you will feel that your website needs more power and resources then you can easily upgrade your plan for free. There is no extra charge for upgrading the plan.

FastComet Shared Hosting features

FastComet offers three plans in their shared hosting package. So we are going to see the lowest price plan which is FastCloud. You can check for other plans on their website and choose whichever fits the best for you.

Single Website

In the FastCloud shared hosting plan you will be able to host a single website or blog. There are multiple websites hosting options also in another shared hosting plan.

Free Domain Transfer

It is for the users who have a domain name but don’t have a website then they can move their domain to FastComet servers for free. In some hosting plans, there are some hidden charges for domain transfer. But here it is completely free.

Free Site Transfer

This service is for those users who have a complete working website on other servers. So they can easily move their entire website or let the FastComet experts do that. So there is no charge for the migration. They provide free site migration

SSD Storage Space

In FastComet they use SSD drives for increasing the speed of the servers. This will have a good effect on the website’s speed. So it will take less time to load your website and access the data from the servers. The storage limit varies from plans to plans. In this plan, you are getting 15GB SSD space.

so it is more than need space for new websites and whenever you will run out of space then you can simply shift to higher plans.

Free SSL Certificate

FastComet provides a free SSL certificate in every plan. It saves a lot of money for the users. SSL certificates are very important for websites to get trusted. The SSL certificates are like a digital certificate for website security. If there is no SSL certificate on any website then the browser will show it as insecure and users will feel unsafe surfing the website.

Daily Backups

FastComet lets you do daily backups or weekly backups. It is a very important step to keep all your website data. So whenever any errors or hacking happens then you can restore the website with the backups.

45 Days Money-back Guarantee

In FastComet users don’t have to completely commit to the hosting just because they have paid the price. They offer a 45 days money-back guarantee. So anyone who doesn’t feel satisfied with the services then they can get all their money back.


We have got a good idea of FastComet Shared hosting. Now you can go and search for hundreds of web hosting and waste your time. But if you will follow the expert’s path then you will save your lot of money as well as time.

There is a huge discount offer going on FastComet. You can get discounts up to 70% on shared hosting so go and start using it now and build an awesome website.

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